Behold! A maker of great coffee

Virginia at the coffee counter.

Virginia makes great coffee.

We take pride in our coffee.

First, our milk. We use full cream Pyengana milk -pasteurised but not homogenised – from happy cows from the greenest most beautiful part of Tasmania. Pyengana dairy has won a number of awards for its products and is about 40 minutes drive north of Scamander. Our low fat milk is from Tasmanian owned Betta and we have Vitasoy soy milk.

Second, the coffee. Imported and roasted personally by Robin Smith, owner of Coffee Republic in Brisbane St Mall, Launceston. His barista is terrific – check him out.

Third, the making. Cappuccino, latté, flat white, espresso, macciato, moccha and baby-cino are all familiar to us. Would you like a half shot, full or double? We also have hazlenut, vanilla and caramel syrups. To have here or to take away.

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